"The contents of this handbook of chaos sorcery represent the teachings and techniques of this magickal current developed over the last forty years by TNS.  The most interesting part of the book is the last section called 'Wildfire Rites' dealing with shamanism, traditional witchcraft and the Witches' Sabbath."

". . . it can be recommended for anyone seeking an explanation of and a guide to the subject.  It is obviously written by experienced magickal practitioners who have actually got out of their cosy armchairs and away from their computer screens and done some real magic."

The Cauldron Magazine No. 138 - November 2010

"Between Spaces, in my mind, is one of the best books on the subject for many years and I have seen a lot of them."

"Between Spaces is a rare gem of a magical book and I most highly recommend it."

Living Traditions Magazine - October 2010

"It sports full color illustrations that are just gorgeous and provocative."

"This is one I plan to take some time and actually work though this coming fall. Ive already started
my own dedicated Moleskine grimiore for the project."

"If your interested in Chaos Magic beyond the normal fare out there youd probably find it very
valuable to your own practice."

The Crossroads Companion - August 2012


". . . unique and relevant!"

". . . wonderful. Highly recommend for those interested in seeing what active magical group work should look like and yield as a result."

"wow, one of those works that confirms everything you've already been through but also smacks you round the face and calls you a tit for the bits you missed !"

"found it very exciting and wonderfully illuminating. Sorry if I sound like an advert for it, it is rare I am so impressed. "

" completely changed my understanding of chaos magick for the better"

"I bet that is going to be on my "Top Occult Books Of The Year"!!"

"I am most impressed by this book. The art-work is great too!"

"Sick of reading the same stuff revamped, white washed or misinterpreted?   Seeking something different .. something challenging ... something that will stimulate the sense and inspire you to reach new heights?   Read Between Spaces."

"Totally impressed by 'Between Spaces'! Best thing that I have seen in MANY years! Innovative, real, pragmatic, sinister......!!"

"Very much enjoying Between Spaces - I'm savouring it in small creative and stimulating!"

"One of the absolutely best books on Chaos magick I've had the pleasure to read."

"And the Book is great by the way. I have recommended it to many Chaoists out there..."